custom built wax seal boxes for signet ring

Because most of the kids live close by or we see regularly we were able to hand deliver them. Because they were hand delivered I was able to use the Harry Potter address: Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive etc. which the kids thought was fun. More fun to spend it on books, clothes, craft supplies, and other frippery! The store also features a wide range of DIY paper craft supplies ranging from cords, envelopes, tapes, cards, etc. The original and popular selection of CRASPIRE wax seal stamps in attractive designs are engraved and are waiting to be shipped. I had ordered a custom wax seal for my brother’s birthday, wanting an intricate coat of arms/family crest style of design. Whether you choose to play with custom shapes and sizes-or simply style your wax seals with beautiful artwork and your favorite wax color-our wax seals can be customized to fit any style of wedding or budget. I could achieve the look and feel of a traditional wax seal without the hassle? Their seal designs are gorgeous.

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I love the stamp set I referenced in my supplies because I get to choose from 6 different designs. ‘shopping’ feature. You can have a custom stamp made at very affordable prices or there are a lot of good pre-made options. Sealing Waxes have a powerful bond as well as it can be flexible. As well as strong craftsmanship, we seal all our timber with Osmo – a high performance natural oil and wax that protects the timber from moisture while still being easy to care for. Usually used to wax a seal. All our Custom Wax Seals come complete with a Solid Brass Head and a Beechwood handle. 1 x Wooden and Brass Custom made Wax Seal with your Initials. If any wax get stuck to the brass seal, simply heat the wax to melt it away. At what temperature does a wax seal for a toilet melt? After this, your wax seal is complete. Pull the seal off and you are left with an amazing custom wax imprint!

With a passion for quality and time honoured techniques, Heirloom Seals creates beautifully luxe wax seal products. This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait until after the event and then I had to actually take the photos- ah to have an intern that knows more than me about photography… The best practice is to apply the sealant first and then to top that base layer with wax, but now there’s an even more flexible way. After pouring melted wax over the envelope seams, stamp quickly and let dry first before lifting. Lastly, we designed a custom envelope liner. Classic Set – Premium Custom Wax Seal with Your Initials Custom made wax seal gift set designed for a beautiful, functional gift for the professional or hobbyist. When I think wax seals I think of a king and his assistant sending out a decree and his seal ensuring everyone knows the authority in which the message comes. Crafted from high-quality lead-free crystal, this ever-popular decanter comes complete with a rubber-free glass stopper and a sleek glass base. Comes complete in a wooden case made from solid Tasmanian Blackwood with a tung oil finish. This finish enhances the details of the timber, rather than hide the natural beauty of the wood.

It’s those little unexpected details guests remember when they receive a beauty like these in their mail box. I hinted at activities that would be included at the party and used the letter from the book for some of the details so it would feel authentic. It seemed like the obvious choice since I could create it myself at home and it would be fun for kids to receive their own Hogwarts acceptance letter. So much fun! Another favorite, and quite meaningful touch was the white wax seal and belly band. The wax seal had a small Arabic phrase, roughly translating to “My love, my life.” This same note was designed in English on the belly band, symbolic of blending the two families. Artisaire makes it very simple, by providing a solution for those interested in traditional wax sealing or those looking to achieve the same look with less work! This vintage inspired large statement medallion is created with fine silver and although yours will be similar, no two will ever be exactly the same. Pure precious silver is 99% pure, making it more desirable and more expensive that sterling silver. Instead, hold it against the wax for a few more seconds, then try pulling it away again.

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