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A picture of poor quality may takes longer for communication and redesigning. But quality of your pictures may affect the final product of the wax seal and the production time. If you’re investing a lot of time into finding the perfect materials for a creative presentation, it may save time to choose one winning concept as your theme of the year and wrap all your gifts the same way. Coming encased in a custom handcrafted maple wood gift box that is engraved with our Wax Seal design along with the Draper decanter, this engraving features the single initial, name, and year of your choice. Options include imagery of flowers, custom greetings, and even a monogram. I’ll even answer all those wax seal questions you were too afraid to ask, like Can I use a candle for wax seals? Fun fact, the different colors of wax used for a seal also have their own meanings in the world of Blest! Invitations are what excite your guests for your event, so you may as well have some fun with them!

It gives your guests an idea of the formality of the event, the theme/ colours of the event and is a perfect way to throw in some ‘sneak peeks’ of what they can expect on the big day. As shown in the photographs above, wax seals make the perfect seal for closing your vellum jackets or bellybands. Simply select a color for the seal and a design pattern that will be etched into the wax. The stamp is heated before applying and provides an embossed figure in the same pattern as would on wax. Order now and have your custom designed ice seal stamp ready for marketing and bar and beverage branding. Our artist can not only help you converse your artwork to the “production ready” format but also make adjustment per your request including but not limited to addition of text, removal of unwanted part, replacement of certain elements. CRASPIRE Custom Wax Seal Stamp, Sealing Wax Stamp Personalised Logo Design Picture Photo Engraved 25mm Wooden Handle Brass Head Seal Stamp 4.6 out of 5 stars 22 £14.99 £ 14. Create a stamp set ready to give and receive! A custom design wax seal can transform almost anything into something personal with uses far beyond envelopes and correspondence.

You’ve seen them taking all over social media, with Instagram videos showing that oddly satisfying melted wax become a beautiful seal. It’s generally not seen that often, and when it is, it’s never great! Makes a great gift too! Place the candle in a cute little gift bag, add an ornament to the bag and you have a great presentation at a small price. 1. Free Wax Stamp icons! 3. Download and use them in your website, document or presentation. It’s easy, low cost and convenient to use and perfect for making invitations, jewelry, etc. When you’re making payment, please indicate in the ‘Note’ section how you wanted your stamp to be or you can email me I will then reply with a preview sample in jpg format for your approval. 3. If the draft and order details look fine, you can reply to us and approve the draft and order details. Method 2: Wax Seal Beads & Spoon – A way to ensure your wax melts more uniformly than waiting for a candle to drip enough hot wax onto your project, a metal spoon held over an open flame with wax beads (read: pellets) that melt into a hot liquid which you can then pour onto your project before pressing the stamp (which you can again keep on ice between stamps to decrease the time it takes for the wax to harden) into the molten wax.

This way, the stamp will conform to the shape of the materials underneath, giving it a more natural or organic look. Review our wax seal design process webpage for more information. I’ve been looking into getting a wax seal for funsies, and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions of where to get one. Option one: Use a wax furnace (a metal or wooden device that holds a metal spoon above an open flame) to melt small wax beads into liquid that can be poured onto paper. Traditional wax-on-paper seals should be sturdy enough to send through the mail, but if you’re concerned about the seals getting damaged, you have two options: use outer envelopes to protect the seals before mailing, or ask your local post office about hand-sorting (also known as hand-canceling) the mail. Wax seals can add a truly remarkable flair to your envelope design. Our wax seals come in a variety of colours with a self-adhesive backing for a no-fuss application. These self-adhesive Oval custom wax seal stickers feature a unique design that you provide or one that we create just for you. Leading Manufacturer of Steel Stamps Numbers Letters, Metal tags, Leather branding stamp, Custom Wax Seal Stamp, Branding stamp and Laser Cut Components from Faridabad.

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