custom made wax seal kit

Can I change the sealing wax comes in the set to other available colors? The thickness of fonts might change depending on font size or character. 2. Outline all fonts and stroke into curve. Hi there, aw, thank you so much for supporting me on Patreon, I’m so glad you enjoy the wax seals! Using a wax seal to seal a letter to a friend or family member will make receiving of that letter much more special. I have to make a large number of seals in short period of time, how to do it more efficient, easier and faster? The more of the crayon you use the deeper the colour, the less you use the lighter the colour. If you are specific about colour, please convo to inquire and purchase samples. Make sure that you are using enough glue so that the button sits securely on the bottom of the handle. From the simplest design to the most complicated details, our Custom Wax Seal stamps are individually engraved to make a clear and precise impression in wax, using state of the art laser engravings. Alternatively, you can make your own design using a wood-burning tool. How many seals for each wax sticks could make?