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1. Place an order on the website of a Custom Wax Seal after choosing from the suitable file options that you have (cdr / jpg, jpeg, png) & Wax Seal Stamp diameter. Figural Bronze Wax Seal Seal of approval PNG, Clipart ; PNG info transparent background Image its.: Wax Stamp PNG images & PSDs for download with transparency a very clean transparent background wax-stamp transparent format! Sale Sold out. Design Your Own Custom Wax Seal Stamp | Available in 15 Sizes. A Custom Wax Seal stamp takes around two – three weeks to be custom made. No matter how you choose to use them, wax seals are a gorgeous detail to add to your wedding celebration, and a trend that isn’t going away any time soon! How can I have wax seals when a calligrapher has my envelopes and I’ll set up the invites myself? 1460 Size:324 KB. Add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding invitations, crafting, or branding with your very own Square Wax Seal Stamp.

Water droplets atop The Dancing Water Fountain in Custom House Square.

Then choose your favourite coloured Sealing Wax and you’ll be embellishing event and wedding invitations, personal correspondence, certificates and packaging before you know it! Either instead of, or in addition to, using wax seals on your wedding invitations, incorporating them into your wedding day can be a really fun way to elevate your decor. Most of these early uses were not to seal an envelope, the most common way wax seals are thought of, but to affix a signature to a document. We also have wax seal accessories, including flexi wax sticks. This is an array of colours we think go perfectly with our designs but if you are after something different, get in touch and we can let you know what else we have. It can be very frustrating to get out of a writer’s block. The higher the NRR, the more ambient noise the plugs will block. This quality sealing wax is perfect for envelopes letters wedding invitations and more. Custom engraved wax seal stampers with your personal image/logo lends dignity,prestige and a personal flair to letters products,evelope&invitations. Custom monogram or designed wax seal stamps are available at an additional cost.

Bear in mind when creating designs for laser engraving, that you do not use thin lines in your design, the laser burns deep, so thin areas may not make an imprint in the wax. 7. Add a gift topper to make it stand out. 5. Custom design is accepted: if you want to add rope or ribbon on the sealing wax sticker, it is also OK. With a little bit of assistance from us, you can create your very own Custom Design Wax Seal Stamp. If you love to send out family updates and pictures around the holidays, imagine how much more special they would be with a custom wax seal! To round out the assortment of Potter pieces, there is a highly sought after ‘Hogwart’s Wax Seal Acceptance Letter Envelope’ from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That machine can get stuck when the envelope has a wax seal and it could not only damage your envelope and seal but also the machine. The wax seal is truly an elevated way to enclose an envelope, but how accessible is it?

Adhesive Type: High Tack Industrial Grade: These adhesives are for all mailings on outside of envelope, as well as Glass, Plastic or Product Decorations. Ask our calligrapher or wedding stationery vendor about this because many of us might offer it as well. Set the stage for a beautiful wedding from the first moment your guests see your invitation! ’s worth the added effort to make sure your beautiful wax seals arrive to your guests still looking pretty! Our Oval Custom Wax Seals are designed for a wide range of surfaces and arrive beautifully crafted and finished with a clear adhesive backer for easy assembly. Enjoy happy and relaxing time making wax seals with us! When looking for someone to make me a personalised wax seal I came across Custom Wax N’ Seals run by The Design Station who use computer designed artwork with precision laser engraving. Where can wax seals be used? Very thin plastic like acetate is not a good friend of wax seals since the hot melted wax can damage the material. Additionally, you should ask your local post office to “hand-cancel” your invitations instead of putting them through the mail-sorting machine to be cancelled (the stamp that puts the little wavy lines across your postage stamp to indicated it has been used) to protect your wax seals further.

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