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The 14K gold initial necklace is fancy while still remaining classy, while rose gold plated silver and the anti-oxidation silver styles are perfect for everyday wear. You can also wear them to represent the first letters of the names of people you hold dear. Tip 1 : Be careful not to hold the melting spoon too close to the candle as the underside of the spoon may darken. They are trendy jewelry pieces that have specific letters on them, which often hold special meanings for the wearer. For example, the use of specific birthstones can be used to show the wearer’s zodiac sign or birth month. Birthstones are special gems related to the month your birthday falls on. The necklace is the perfect way to add something special to any jewelry box. Fill a clear plastic cello bag with molded wax melts or crumbled wax melts, and seal the bag within the brittle box. Round Custom Wax Seal Stamp. Custom made initial necklaces can also carry a special meaning for the wearer. Aside from letters, custom initial necklaces can also have other additional elements added to them to make them more symbolic or to add more meaning to them.

Woman Smiles Sitting In Sunny Window It can be worn by flower girls in wedding settings. Table numbers and round-shaped menu cards in navy and gold, not to mention place cards in a bold plum, really made the place settings pop. This large initial necklace is a bold piece that has been hand-crafted to perfection from solid sterling silver and finished with silver, gold or rose gold with varying chain lengths. This Soufeel designer necklace comes in three materials: rose gold, gold and silver. Besides the birthstone, this beautiful necklace comes with a diamond-cut chain, a heart-shaped pendant, and a plated initial, which varies in size. The necklace is available in 3 finishes: rose gold plated silver, custom wax seal kit 14K gold plated silver and in anti-oxidation silver. This beautiful antique-looking wax initial seal pendant on Etsy is made entirely out of sterling silver. Another great choice from Etsy is this custom birthstone necklace that comes with up to four coin pendants with the birthstone at the lower part of the coin. Hanging from a shimmering chain whose length can be customized upon ordering, it comes in solid 925 sterling silver, 14K gold-filled or 14K rose gold filled. Some may have more gold leaf, some less. This is because we may have to scale your artwork or convert a .jpg into a vector which can cause a loss of details.

Monogram necklaces can represent a large number of things. Plus, when you use them across a number of different design details-first setting the tone by using them on your invitations and then carrying that through to your menus, escort cards, and even desserts-you end up creating a super cohesive design experience for your guests. If you have been planning to get an initial necklace for yourself or even as a gift for that special someone, here is everything you need to know about them and how you can get your hands on great initial necklaces for men/women/kids. The initial bar necklace can serve as the perfect gift for that special someone, either as an anniversary gift or simply as a token of appreciation. Order now and have your custom designed ice seal stamp ready for marketing and bar and beverage branding. If we have not received any feedback or approval on your proof within 7 days, we will continue your order with the optimized artwork.

Here you will find a vertical bar finished with either gold, silver or rose gold, which can have up to four sides engraved with a short message of your choice. Signholders available in brushed gold or silver finishes. It comes in 3 finishes: gold, silver and rose gold. This necklace is also available in rose gold, gold, and silver. Handcrafted, personalized large wax seal monogrammed initial necklace. You can buy them pre-made or you make them yourself with wax beads or sticks, melt them and stamp them by hand. Our high speed equipment produces seals in a method that mimics hand stamping; creating very unique and timelessly beautiful wax seals. Let us create a signature monogram for you or symbol and have it incorporated into the wax seal. Soufeel also has a simple and stunning infinity name necklace which can be customized with up to six names on the loops of the symbol.