custom wax seal ring

Finally, customized stamps are a great way to add a special mark without adding too much to your budget. Mix and match your style with gold foil and custom made wax seal stamps with your initials. Pocket invitations with the most popular tassel and matching menus with tassel with match your elegant wedding style. DIY with our wax seal stamp kit (with your choice of brass stamp and quantity of sealing sticks) or our pre-made, peel-and-stick seals; already poured, stamped, and ready to be put on your wedding invitation or envelope! Simply add your own logo, portfolio images, and contact information; and the Glamour Guides will be ready to send to the printer of your choice. Add a semi-custom or custom wax seal! Custom Wedding Invitation Sealing Wax Heart Circle Initials Wax Seal Stamp, Heart Circle Initials Wax Seal Stamp Custom Wedding Invitation Sealing Wax. As we watch the world get smaller and smaller due to technological advances with convenient apps that can streamline wedding planning as well as make communication with your guests nearly instantaneous, it leaves something to be desired for those of us old souls who still get excited when a beautiful envelope arrives in the box via snail mail.

For instance, people may create multiple copies of their Power of Attorney so their lawyer and their attorney-in-fact can each have a copy (as well as anyone else who may need one). This process is now cheaper then having a 3rd party supplier of wax seals create one for you. Now if you want to feature Graphistudio’s Reveal Box from the Sue Bryce Collection, you can simply use the provided product images. Now you don’t have to spend endless hours shopping around and doing endless price-checking research (like I did!). We will be adding more colors soon, like Antique Bronze, Pearl, Rose Gold, and Blush. Embellishments like venue illustrations, artwork, liners, wax seals, monograms, and more can be created for you. They are especially created for those situations that call for a fast turn-around, when you don’t have time to wait for our custom made wax seals. The files were created with PROdpi in mind.

Keep in mind that this product includes digital files only, and that you will need to order the print products as part of a separate transaction with your preferred print lab. The download includes an accordion card format (for print), which is perfect to give to each client at her consultation, or to include in your welcome packet in the mail. Includes Behind the Scenes stock images showcasing a client being styled, as well as product images designed to insert your own portfolio images. Product Menu (requires portfolio images to insert into included product photos. The third, cheapest option, was my first price list (and what I used while portfolio building before I launched my business properly). Utilize your favorite of three suggested price lists. The first and highest pricing is from my current luxury price list, the middle option was what I built my business on, and is what I recommend for standard professional pricing. BONUS: My full Product Resource List, is included. This product menu is attractive for your clients, while being extremely simple and easy to understand. Product Menu – Showcase your beautiful products and highlight the value in your session experience.

Inside she’ll find the session polices, which respectfully outline the rescheduling policy and late arrival policy, as well as details about copyright. We have beautiful stamps already in-stock, as well as the ability to order a totally new, custom wax seal stamp custom design just for your wedding (allow 12-14 days shipping)! Small team of dedicated specialists are the finest purveyors of award-winning stamps & seals a notary symbol. These. custom design wax seals are offered in an inimitable array of shapes and sizes to meet every user’s unique tastes and preferences. The. custom design wax seals offered on the site can be used with a wide variety of pigments in traditional black and blue or bolder and bright colors. Your dieline must be a color that is not black or grey, as we will engrave all black and grey lines. You could go with a simple solid color to tie in your wedding theme, get a certain flower pattern printed, or get foil liners to make it sparkle! Suitable wedding guestbook with all matching styled wedding stationery. Description: Embossers Wax seals, wax sticks, corporate seals, notary seal, stationery embossers, and custom artwork embosser. This isn’t just your normal planner blog or stationery addict.

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