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Currently on Kickstarter, Gramr has already raised more than twice its initial goal of $15,000, which shows that there are plenty of people who are also looking for deeper ways to connect with important people beyond a text or email. If you’re looking for something different to the below, no problem – drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do! All our wax seal colours and designs can be found below. 1.Please offer your designs by CROWDRAW, AI, custom wax seal stamp PS. The 3/4″ is best for simplistic designs such as your initials and perhaps a border. For more ornate artwork we recommend the 1″, however it’s best to remember that complex designs wont always work well when pressed into wax, therefore the simpler the design the better. When it comes to the actual design for the seal our Designers are always happy to assist, or if you have existing artwork you can send your design to us to us via email. Our self-adhesive option, on the other hand, means you’ll receive beautiful, ready-to-use wax seals straight to your door that have been individually crafted by our team of Artisans from our authentic sealing wax. Made by hand, the size of each varies between the size of a nickel to a quarter.

5. Its size is 6.13 MB and you can … You can customize the sealing wax color now! Although now we don’t have colorful tournaments, we are proud of our heritage. Have you finally found your friendship circle? Richardson says he wants the startup to “turn the world into a more grateful place.” For those of you who think this sounds outlandishly cheesy, several research studies have found that showing gratitude regularly can increase your happiness and even have physical health benefits like stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Perhaps you have not found the right topic yet. Using the right technique will make your plugs more effective. Co-founders Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum wanted to make sure their products would appeal to stationery junkies, so they worked with Chen Design Associates and used premium materials, like cardstock by Neenah Paper (a popular brand among designers, letterpress printers, and paper crafters), and kraft envelopes from French Paper Co. with lined interiors and foiled accents. Needless to say, it worked satisfactorily well in the two of those three situations that we actually engaged in. There are two methods to apply the wax.

We custom make all our wax seals in house, so feel free to mix and match any colour to any design. Many document scanners are unable to make out unusual colors such as orange or green and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. After the hard work’s complete, your cables of choice are strapped on, your serial numbers are etched in and a carrying case finds a new set of friends to hold. The price includes one sealing wax stick in the color of your choice only. The letters come in a selection of red or antique white envelopes and with a choice of either gold, white or black ink and are hand scribed by the Christmas elves here at the North Pole, making them a very special keepsake to treasure for years to come. As an expat, the proliferation of mobile devices is one of the best things that has happened in the seven years since I moved to Asia. If wore day and night, a sterling silver ring lasts between 20-30 years.

Because at the end of the day doing what you like is freedom and having someone love you because of what you are is happiness. But those moments of connection often feel fleeting and the more time I spend abroad, the more I worry that I’m not doing enough to keep my relationships from gradually evaporating. Write about what makes you feel. A luminaria or farolito (see naming disagreement section below) is a small paper lantern (commonly a candle set in some sand inside a paper bag) which is of Each luminary bag comes with 2 tea light candles to light it up. Eventually Gramr plans to expand by adding a B2C service for small companies that want to find new ways to connect with customers. The concept is simple: every month Gramr sends you a box with cards and envelopes, as well as optional items like postage stamps, custom wax seals, and sealing wax.

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