custom wax letter seal kit

That kit is a great value! Offer to create a “Signature Color” for your client’s wedding to create something totally unique – which automatically increases the value and can be charged accordingly. It all starts with the sealing wax, which itself can come in many varieties. Miriam Parker insisted that their ship was about to come in, and that she would soon repay all the loans. A new custom branded stamp just left the shop on its way to its forever home.We have a wonderful time seeing unique concepts come into the studio and coming to fruition.Personally brand your outgoing letters to your socially distanced friends and family. I am hoping to get a family crest seal made up soon! But in the coming months and years, things would only get worse for the Parker family – much worse. This fantastic company reached out to me a few months ago and together we began working on a beautiful custom wax seal just for you! A few months back, we were granted unprecedented access to Westone’s lair (just a year and change after visiting Klipsch’s HQ), and they even let a film crew in for good measure. Add homemade touches, such as custom scents, floral embellishments or holiday accents to make your gift even more special.

Simply fill out this questionnaire and I will contact you soon with a custom price proposal. How quickly you lift your stamp, will depend on the heat of your glue gun, the type of wax glue you use and how large the puddle. Rub some oil or water onto the wax stamp, then press it into the clay. If you do not want to use an ice pack to cool your stamp, you can apply a TINY bit of olive oil so that the stamp will release. When sending letters to my friends I like to be able to add something a bit extra to make them stand out and when I recently spotted people using wax seals I knew I had to give it a go. If you would like to get a copy of vector format artwork so that you can reuse in the future production. There will be a surcharge for any additional artwork that needs to be rectified prior to engraving. Custom Stamp & Engraving has also built a site dedicated to embossers. CUSTOM WAX SEALS PROFESSIONALLY MADE IN OUR WORKSHOP FOR OVER 40 YEARS Great for arts and crafts, even better for party and wedding invitations or correspondence.

I’ve always loved illustrating portraits-it was always “my thing” growing up and even through college. These. custom wax seal stamps are easy to maintain and can be cleaned free on ink without much hassle. To give your seal an extra-special finish, we also have metallic powder or ink pads. The scanned painting is then traced into vector format using Corel Trace to give an image for engraving. When looking for someone to make me a personalised wax seal I came across Custom Wax N’ Seals run by The Design Station who use computer designed artwork with precision laser engraving. Utilizing hand and machine engraving techniques along with contemporary computer technologies, we at Cannizzaro are able to replicate to your exact specifications, the effect you desire. Standard Votive Holder. The odd bits of wax left at the end of each candle’s life are easy to reuse. Soon enough, wedding stationery itself came into my life and I haven’t looked back! What I liked best, is that I prepared them in advance on a silicone mat and then attached them to the wedding programs with a few drops of hot glue. This vintage lace invitation from Not On The High Street is a rustic wedding invite, but chic at the same time.

Colored glue/wax sticks do not like this high temperature. Just send us your design and we can make your unique brass stamp to high precision by CNC machines. 5. Place the stamp onto the ice pack to cool the stamp forabout 30 seconds and then stamp onto the puddle of glue/wax. It is better to wrap the string around the package and then stamp in place. Simply peel off the stickers at the back and place them directly onto your invitations, envelopes, gift packages or any other projects. When my wax seal arrived I was happy to see that Custom Wax N’ Seals had included some wax as well as some of their peel and seal sticker versions of my seal which made it super easy to see what my seals would look like. Yes, absolutely! If you are interested in a custom wax colour, please send us an email. This also applies is you are using a wax seal to hold string onto a package. Wax seal stamps we made are including single piece head stamp and wax seal stamp kit as well as wax beaded pellets in various kinds of packaging.