custom wax seal stamp kit

When it comes to the actual design for the seal our Designers are always happy to assist, or if you have existing artwork you can send your design to us to us via email. Photo below is the 30mm size seal. 30mm Self-adhesive wax seals are perfect for more complex designs requiring more engraving space. You can select a 24mm (Standard) or 30mm (X-Large) stamp. We carry stamp pads, inks, specialty inks, and more. Use your bespoke wax seal stamp to add a finishing touch to gift wrapping, adorn bottles and jars, decorate wedding invitations, embellish packaging or make an impression on your kitchen creations. Set the stage for a beautiful wedding from the first moment your guests see your invitation! A beautiful wedding invitation isn’t complete without a unique and memorable wax seal. Once reaady, pour the wax over the area you want the seal to be placed and press immediately with your seal. 1. Select the handle style and the kit you want. Want your own sealed party invitations but don’t have the time to make them yourself? Make the dipping process easy with the correct supplies.

3. Finalize your order and complete the payment process. Why not order a sample pack. Charles earned a doctorate in speech communications, and Miriam received a pair of master’s degrees, one in special education. Born in 1924, Charles Alexander Parker and Miriam Wilkinson were high school sweethearts back in Pitman, New Jersey. Using the high quality and super soft felting wool, you can learn to make sweet and charming toys, keychains, and arts and crafts. This company has been producing high quality sealing waxes since 1752 and are a trusted name when it comes to sealing wax that has deep, rich hues, and a glossy finish. Ideal for applying to handmade cards or decorating your home, this quilling set comes with approximately 600 strips of good quality paper in 29 colours. This year, I’m premiering the Gingerbread Man wax seal just in time for the holiday cards season, along with limited edition sealing wax with the color and fragrance of oven fresh gingerbread. We turn to the experts in the sealing wax industry to source our waxes and seals and are sure you will love them! People love receiving handwritten letters in the mail, getting fancy invitations, and in our email age a tangible written correspondence is a rare treat.

As the postal system evolved and sending letters became more commonplace, the stationery industry grew but envelopes still did not include adhesive. Letters were expensive to send, and using a wax seal allowed the sender to fold up the written page and close with wax, eliminating the extra cost of an envelope. Donna allowed herself to hope that the people who’d ripped off her parents would be caught – and that they might even get some of their money back. Struggle: The health of Donna Parker’s father, Charles, got worse during the scam. A widow in her eighties was left with a 30-year mortgage after she and her late husband fell victim to an international sweepstakes scam that duped them out of $200,000 and used them to target others. Willing as they still were, custom wax seal kit the Parkers were running out of things to give. But in the coming months and years, things would only get worse for the Parker family – much worse.

So she and the others counted on Donna, the eldest, to keep an eye on things. Draw the other end of the tape to the very tip of the front of the bowl, then note the seat’s length. Once you’ve firmly placed the seal into the puddle of wax, hold it still for about 5 seconds, and then slowly peel the seal away from the wax. As the concrete sets enough to hold the stamped pattern, stamps are set into the concrete . There’s a big pot hanging in it no problem, so it’s sturdy enough! This working custom silver wax seal ring makes a great gift for a newly engaged couple, a coworker, or a small business owner. Please allow 3 to 5 working days. Gem always loved stationery as a child and it held all her life stories within it including letters, love notes, stickers, photos, and information including birthdays, special occasions, and even the phone numbers and addresses of her classmates and relatives. If you love to send out family updates and pictures around the holidays, imagine how much more special they would be with a custom wax seal!